About Us

STARSPACE was born as a home office and gaming chair brand to provide maximum comfort in the home office.

The Status Quo

As the internet and new technologies have brought incredible possibilities and opportunities, more and more people spend more and more time sitting down at their computers, even outside the office. They shop, book their vacation, do research, learn, communicate, and more. More and more people, students, freelancers, or employees, have their own home office inside the house. Many others, adults and kids alike, play for hours at their computers. What do they have in common? They stay sitting down on their chairs for hours.

Is The Status Quo Affecting Our Health?

When you are forced or willing to stay sitting down for hours and hours, day after day, your chair can become your worst enemy. STARSPACE founders were among those who spent those hours sitting at their desks and they became well aware of the health issue that a wrong and poor quality chair can cause.

The way you sit and the support the chair can bring can actually affect our health in terms of posture, back and neck pain, circulation, and more…

When you sit for long hours during your days not only you’ll be gaining weight, slow down your blood circulation, and weaken your muscles.

Other than making our muscles more vulnerable to degeneration, prolonged sitting can cause problems in our neck, back, and shoulders: our neck and shoulders would curve and stiffen, the spine would lose flexibility and the pelvis rotates the wrong way. This can degenerate into chronic pain and poor posture.

After having experienced such issues on their own skin, after months of research, studies, and counseling, the STARSPACE team decided to change the status quo.

Our Revolution

Instead of asking for the change, the choice at STARSPACE has been to provide the change.

We were fully aware that we couldn’t solve the problem of overweight realizing a chair that made people lose weight - but we addressed the issues that we could actually fix and work for finding a solution to those problems.

We aimed to provide office and gaming chairs that could conform to the body shape, support the spine and other bones that need to be supported when sitting for hours, keeping joints and tissue in a natural position, and being elegant, gorgeous, unique, and affordable.

Through our research, work, and passion, we were able to come up with gaming and office chairs that can really make a difference in your productivity, satisfaction, comfort, health, and happiness.

Our Commitment

 At STARSPACE we believe that a comfortable and ergonomic sit in your home office is not a luxury - it’s a necessity. Our mission is to provide our customers - whether they be gamers, students, home workers… - with the most comfortable, supporting home office chairs. For this reason, we came up with two product lines: one for gaming chairs and one for office chairs. This way we are able of taking care of every detail for any specific purpose.