What Sets STARSPACE Gaming Chairs Apart?

What Sets STARSPACE Gaming Chairs Apart?

STARSPACE is run by a team of engineers, designers, and technology experts who are well-versed in the world of gaming.

STARSPACE promises quality and comfort in gaming chairs. When it comes to creating gaming chairs, finding the best quality is not always easy, and a high-quality chair needs to be constructed by actual gamers to know what is required.

As a budget gaming chair, the STARSPACE chair does pretty well when it comes to ergonomic features:

170-Degree Reclining Ability

The engineering team at STARSPACE calculated that 170-degrees is the most optimal angle to recline at and still enjoy all of the chair’s comforts.

The system is stable and sturdy, so it will not fall out from underneath users while gaming. Reclining ensures that the body is in the most comfortable position possible to enjoy game time hours. 

Comfortable Fabrics and Cushion Support

Many of the STARSPACE gaming chairs feature comfortable leather fabric, which allows for maximum comfort throughout long gaming sessions, and it's also excellent for hip and buttocks support.

The STARSPACE Gaming Chair has a removable headrest that is stuffed with a fluffy and comfortable cushion to support the head.

Also it comes with a lumbar support, which means you can sit back comfortably without worrying about future back pain or bad posture. The lumbar support on the STARSPCE is also arguably better for back pain than the external pillow found on most gaming chairs.

The STARSPACE is perhaps the most great gaming chair. To make your gaming breaks even more comfortable, the STARSPACE chair is packed with thick seat cushion, which is much thicker than average.

Strong Frame

Each STARSPACE gaming chair is constructed from strong metal and features a metal frame that braces gamers of all shapes and sizes for hours.


If you see yourself reclining the backrest of your gaming chair often (to read, watch a movie or even to nap), what you’ll want to look into is one that has a kick out footrest.

To support your lower limbs and encourage proper blood circulation when you’re reclined, the STARSPACE comes with a retractable footrest. For people with sciatica, elevating your legs periodically may be helpful in relieving your symptoms. And for that, the STARSPACE chair is one of the most well built and reasonably priced options currently on the market.

With the average American spending upwards of 13 hours a day sitting, picking out a gaming chair may not be as exciting as shopping for the latest Nike’s runners or Tommy Hilfiger jeans, but the impact on you can be much greater. An ergonomically designed gaming chair properly supports your lower back, keeps your spine in alignment, plus cushions your bottom without cutting off circulation to your thighs as you sit for many hours on end. 

If you’re on a tight budget, dont be afraid to get chairs that arent made by huge brands; theres no sense in paying a lot more for a brand name if you can get something almost as good or better for a lower price.

Finally, be sure to value your own health and comfort when you make a decision on buying an ergonomic gaming chair. If you spend hours each day sitting at a computer, it might be worth spending more on a chair than you would on a piece of furniture you just use every now and then. There’s a reason why ergonomic chairs are becoming so popular in this modern age of computers, and an investment now could make your back thank you in the future.

The STARSPACE chairs promise to provide maximum comfort while gaming and offer more than most competitors do in that respect.

The best place to a STARSPACE chair is directly from their website, as they have a direct to consumer distribution model with discounted pricing and several US and international warehouse locations.

Of course, you can also find these chairs on Amazon.