STARSPACE BTX-293 - The Best Budget Gaming Chair With Footrest 2021

The Best Budget Gaming Chair With Footrest 2021

This STARSPACE Gaming Chair is a boldly styled chair with ergonomic comfort and an impressive recline. Whether you work on your computer or use it mainly for gaming, this chair can keep you comfortable and in good posture for hours.

As a budget gaming chair, the STARSPACE chair does pretty well when it comes to ergonomic features:

Comfortable Fabrics and Cushion Support

This chair features memory foam padding on top of the existing seat cushion. The high back and the Padded armrests will hug every curve of your body and provide you with unbelievable comfort. The high backrest with detachable padded headrest and massage lumbar cushions will also support your neck and spine, so that you won't have a ‘computer hunch.

All these allow for maximum comfort throughout long gaming sessions, and it's also excellent for hip and buttocks support.

135-Degree Reclining Ability

You can adjust every single part of the racing style gaming chair to perfectly fit the type and height of your body. More specifically, you can adjust the height of the chair and the tilt of the backrest(90°- 135°). Reclining ensures that the body is in the most comfortable position possible to enjoy game time hours.

Strong Frame

This gaming chair is made with quality materials that will never bend, break or malfunction. It’s sturdy, stable and durable.

It’s made with Iintegrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards, heavy duty metal base with smooth-rolling castors make a superb stable structure. (Maximum weight capacity: 350LBS)

Gamers should never have to worry about the chair collapsing or falling after long days of sitting and spinning around.

This chair was built to last, and that is what they do.

For anyone looking for a high end chair with supreme build, class, and comfort, the STARSPACE won’t disappoint you.

Retractable Footrest

If you see yourself reclining the backrest of your gaming chair often (to read, watch a movie or even to nap), what you’ll want to look into is one that has a kick out footrest.

To support your lower limbs and encourage proper blood circulation when you’re reclined, this STARSPACE Gaming Chair comes with a retractable footrest. For people with sciatica, elevating your legs periodically may be helpful in relieving your symptoms. And for that, the STARSPACE chair is one of the most well built and reasonably priced options currently on the market.

In addition to feeling great and comfortable, this chair looks awesome as well. Many people like to match the look of their chair with their computer, so if you have a boldly-colored battlestation, this could be the gaming chair for you. Several users of this chair mention the coloring on this chair as a big plus.

It is the perfect chair for passionate gamers, but also for office workers who wish to be more comfortable while they work. This racing style chair will look great behind your office desk and in front of your computer and consoles, and you’ll look like a boss.

This STARSPACE Gaming Chair is a revolving gaming chair, a swivel chair that has the design of a racing car seat.

The ergonomic computer chair with the high density memory foam seat, the high backrest and the wide armrests will become your favorite piece of furniture.

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