STARSPACE Ergonomic Reclining Executive Office Chair With Footrest

STARSPACE Ergonomic Reclining Executive Office Chair With Footrest

The STARSPACE executive office chair BTX-2219 is a great luxury executive office chair with a retractable footrest. The retractable footrest can be easily pulled outwards to rest and relax your legs or fully withdrawn for work and study, which is useful and doesn't affect the overall elegant appearance of the chair.

STARSPACE BTX-2219 is also a great ergonomic reclining office chair that's perfect for any workspace. The ergonomic design is provided by the chair's ability to make adjustments to the reclining position. If you ever need to take power naps while you work, this is the chair you’ll want. It’s able to recline to a 128-degree angle. This ergonomic office chair provides support to your back and offers toe-to-top comfort with its fantastic reclining feature.

BTX-2219 comes with the highest-quality materials. The foam seats are designed to be incredibly soft to provide the user with more support and help reduce back pain as well as improving sitting posture when working for more extended periods. High quality and extra padding are applied to the head, seat back, lumbar support, and footrest for better ergonomics.

A waterfall seat cushion is present that slopes slightly downward and could be used if you want to sit or even lay down in a comfortable position. The waterfall seat cushion also helps reduce the pressure on your thighs when sitting. 5’’ thick high-density foam with an innerspring system bolsters the cushioning and maintains its shape. The soft padded armrests can support and protect users’ elbows well and offer extra comfort during working.

Other key features of this ergonomic office chair with footrest include a 360-degree swivel function and an adjustable seat height—all of these aid in providing the user with personalized comfort. The swivel feature allows the user to move with complete control and ease. You can easily adjust this chair’s height using a pneumatic lever. All you need to do is to adjust the control knob to get the best sitting position that fits you.

The seat’s height measures 19.9" to 23.8" . The overall height of this comfortable computer desk chair is about 43.9" to 47.8", while the height of the comfortable backrest is about 25". This is also a heavy-duty chair with a wide base and durable casters for maximum stability. The maximum limit of this chair is 275 pounds. All of these make this office chair suitable for many person’s height and weight.

The STARSPACE BTX-2219 office chair is an ideal office chair for upgrading your home and office setting. It is classic and modern, spacious and soft, and its ergonomic design offers maximum comfort and helps in reducing stress to bear long working hours. It is a true must-have both for home use or office use.