STARSPACE Best Pink Gaming Chair with Footrest

STARSPACE Best Pink Gaming Chair with Footrest

Gaming chairs are often made to be primarily black, sometimes with small colored accents. However, these small accents are still only often blue or red, which are rather basic colors that don’t fit in well with everyone’s aesthetic. If you like a brighter colored chair, such as pink, STARSPACE Pink Gaming Chair BTX-029 Series will satisfy you.

The STARSPACE BTX-029 Series Pink Computer Chair is in an attractive pink and white color combination. This chair still has the racing profile and high build quality of any other STARSPACE gaming chair.

It is an upholstered soft breathable bonded leather, from the headrest all the way down to the footrest, which retracts neatly under the seat for convenience.

This STARSPACE pink computer chair also offers a removable headrest pillow and massaging lumbar cushion. The headrest pillow will support your head and neck, relax your muscles, make you feel more comfortable when gaming or resting. The massaging lumbar cushion is designed to keep your lower back well-supported and, with vibrating massage functionality, there may actually be some additional therapeutic benefits.

This racing style pink gaming chair has adjustable armrests to help users to maintain a correct posture at work or gaming. It also has a locking recline feature with 4 separate tilt points and a maximum recline of 170 degrees. This gives you the ability to sit upright, in work and office mode at 90 – 120 degrees (the optimal gaming posture), or tilt back a little for a more relaxing posture.

The STARSPACE BTX-029 pink gaming chair has a durable and reliable frame and a decent weight capacity of 280 lbs, which is enough for the average gaming customer. So, even though this chair might look pink and pretty, you’ll be able to use this without worrying if it will hold up over the longer gaming sessions.

Again, the color combo, with the main pink tone and white accents, is what really sells STARSPACE Gaming Chair BTX-029 Series. But you still get a true racing style gaming chair with added comforts of a headrest, adjustable armrests, footrest, and even a massaging lumbar cushion, all at a budget-friendly price tag. That’s why it’s definitely worth it and wins the appreciation of many users.