2021 STARSPACE budget task chair for home office

2021 STARSPACE budget task chair for home office

The STARSPACE home office chair BTX-1901 is a budget task chair with folding armrests that free up more space around the seat when you need it, such as when playing the guitar, sitting cross-legged, etc. It’s sleek enough to not eat up a lot of space in your home office. The mesh back provides good ventilation, making it great in hotter climates. The mesh is made from a fairly smooth material that doesn’t irritate your skin if you’re wearing a tank top.

One of the distinguishing qualities of the STARSPACE office chair BTX-1901 is its flip-up arms, allowing the product to be put under the desk for saving space. They're quite useful. If you have a low desk and like to sit with the chair partially under the desk, the flip-up arms on this office chair are perfect to let you do just that. The STARSPACE office chair is popular among people who practice chair yoga, as it features an armrest design that enables you to stretch sideways in a range of yoga poses. Working at a desk for several hours a day can often lead to aches and pains. That’s why it’s always recommended that you move and stretch at regular intervals. Chair yoga helps keep your neck, shoulders, and spine flexible, but doing these stretches is not always possible in some office chairs as the armrests and high seat-backs restrict how much you can move. The STARSPACE home office chair BTX-1901 is designed to provide plenty of space if you like to regularly stretch out as you work. Ideal for chair yoga, the wide seat, and flip-up armrests mean there’s an ample surface to get flexible without restriction.

It’s also a comfortable chair to make you achieve a perfect, pain-free sit. The STARSPACE BTX-1901 office chair features an ergonomic backrest that fits the lower back's natural curve, offering targeted support of your back, and taking the spinal pain away from your body. Other notable features include adjustable seat height, quiet and smooth-rolling caster wheels, and a maximum weight capacity of up to 250lbs. The wheels are very meek and will not squeak or cause any friction with your hardwood floors.

Another feature of this home office chair is that the backrest can rock back and forth. There is a tilt tension control knob as well, allowing you to customize the force required to rock the backrest to release spinal pressure periodically from sitting upright. If you are easy to get restless after a while sitting in a chair and begin to get fidgety, you can let out some of this restless energy with an office chair with a rocking function. Rocking may help to release endorphins into the brain. This can help you with your mental health by reducing stress and improving your mood. Using a rocking chair can help to get more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, as well, which could cause your productivity to increase.

The modern profile of this office chair offers a professional look for any office, while smooth contours and adjustable settings allow for all-day comfort and make long working hours a breeze. Lever up your workspace now with the must-have ergonomic office chair - STARSPACE office chair BTX-1901!