2021 STARSPACE Best Seller Executive Office Chair

2021 STARSPACE Best Seller Executive Office Chair

The STARSPACE executive office chair BTX-2181 is more than just a chair, and it’s a working companion. The chair merges contemporary design and elegance, which gives your office or home office that executive vibe and gives an elegant look. It has a beautiful supple bonded leather upholstery, that is easy to maintain and pleasing to the eye.

The chair features soft foam that supports the entire body as you sit, leaving you with a fantastic sitting experience. Most of all, however, the high-quality leather is very soft, wear-resistant, and elastic, meaning that it’ll likely be just as long-lasting as the chair itself. The stuffing on the seat is the multi-layered foam that’s 5.1’’ thick. The layers are made of high-density and resilience foam to give you even more comfort and support. The seat cushion has a waterfall edge appearance, designed to relieve pressure on the knee and legs, improve blood circulation as you remain seated for long hours. You don’t have to worry about leg pain or stiffness.

The backrest of the STARSPACE BTX-2181 office chair has reinforcements in 3 essential points which include the lumbar region, the spinal cord, and the neck area. The backrest is padded with soft foam cushioning and has an integrated padded headrest. The high backrest has excellent lumbar support that prevents you from any risk of lower or mid-back pain integrated into it. The inbuilt well-padded headrest is perfect for keeping your head and neck in position while taking a quick nap or leaning backward. Moreover, the two wings of the backrest wrap around you as you sit which provides you with extreme comfort.

Crafted with ergonomics in mind, the STARSPACE BTX-2181 executive office chair has easy seat height adjustment and center-tilt for added customizable comfort. The chair is capable of a 90 to 120-degree tilt. The 360-degree swivel makes turning stress-free and rests on smooth-rolling 5-star wheel casters that enhance mobility within the office. The curved armrest is well padded, and the modern design of the armrests adds to the sleek appearance of the chair. The soft padded armrests are designed to reduce pressure points around the wrist, elbow, and arms. The chair is also incredibly sturdy thanks to its durable construction that has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

This chair is pretty easy to assemble, and gives your office that sleek, luxurious look, and provides maximum comfort at a very affordable price. The STARSPACE executive office chair BTX-2181 becomes the best-selling STARSPACE chair thanks to its gorgeous design, comfortable double padding cushions, and soft, high-quality leather. The STARSPACE executive office chair BTX-2181 is a fantastic choice if you spend a lot of time at your desk.