2021 STARSPACE Best Cheap Leather Office Chair

2021 STARSPACE Best Cheap Leather Office Chair

The STARSPACE leather office chair BTX-2191 is a pleasingly padded office chair in black bonded leather. With a matt black bonded leather finish throughout and matching black stitching detail, and this gives it an imposing look. Whether you use it in a home office or at a business, the STARSPACE office chair BTX-2191 checks every box in terms of price, design, and features.

It has the sleek aesthetic of more expensive chairs but is upholstered from bonded leather, which keeps its much cheaper price as well as soft, durable, waterproof, and most importantly easy to clean when compared to 100 percent leather chairs.

This STARSPACE BTX-2191 series big and tall office chair features 24.2 inches tall backrest as well as an easily adjustable height (from 19.3 to 22.4 inches) that is essential for spine health. The backrest and even armrests are generously padded as well, making the chair feel like a giant pillow cradling your body. The backrest has a thick padded headrest area to softly support your head. Best of all, the high resilience of the high-density foam used in the double padded seat cushion is for a comfortable and ergonomic sitting experience, keeping you comfortable and relaxed when working for a long time, helping you reduce the pain you are experiencing.

STARSPACE BTX-2191 series ergonomic office chair also features a heavy-duty metal base along with solid and smooth-rolling casters, allowing you to swivel around in just seconds. The heavy-duty metal base supports a maximum bodyweight of 250 pounds. And the solid and smooth-rolling casters enable smooth and quiet movement so you don’t have to worry about damaging your beloved hardwood floors and carpets.

The sturdy frame has passed BIFMA quality checks, ensuring high stability and durability. The rocking function provides an ideal height-to-angle ratio, allowing you to rock back and rest while your spine remains aligned. And the rocking pressure adjustor adjusts the flexibility of rocking back in your chair that helps you find your proper rocking intensity. All of these make a huge difference in easing backpressure throughout the day.

When it comes to the assembly process, putting together the STARSPACE office chair BTX-2191 is a relatively painless process. But you need to open the zip on the chair back and take out the parts at first before you begin to assemble the chair.

The STARSPACE BTX-2191 series office chair is a classic leather office chair. With the simple yet timeless design plus relatively low cost, this ergonomic computer chair is a safe choice for most office settings. If you are looking for a cheaper leather office chair, then the STARSPACE BTX-2191 series is a nice option, which costs less than $100 with free shipping.